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traditionelle und moderne

Shamanic Art

Wandmalerei in Ritual-Räumen, Foto David Kern 2020

Countless archeological findings such as sculptures, cave paintings and ruins of temples prove that already in prehistorical times worldwide highly developed cultures existed where the art of shamanism was an essential part of life. These cultures assumed that everything - every person, every animal, every plant and all that surrounds them - is ensouled. They understood the soul as a complex and multi-layered world of feelings that shapes the physical world. 

In the lifetime the soul goes through many different processes. The shamans accompanied these processes in rituals: in the social context it was among others birth, maturity and death and in the ecological context are fertility, sowing and harvest to be named. In the health context, rituals for the healing of sicknesses were made. In such rituals the shamans connected themselves to the attendant topic and went into state of trance. They achieved this through playing various musical instruments, through dancing and singing. In this state they were able to travel through the spiritual world and make a positive shift for the relevant issue. Honouring and respecting the soul belonged to the elementary values. This meant that every living being could freely develop and flourish in it's continuum.

For about 6000 years is a lack of exactly these values to be noticed. As soon as the people started to work against each other, it lead to greatly increasing power structures which extinguished peaceful cultures. The inquisition, the burning of the witches and wars among others caused numerous violations and traumata for the soul. The violations of the soul manifest in the physical state: these days count depression, cancer, heart attack etc. to common illnesses. On the fields is 90% conventional agriculture to find, that is shaped by single-crop farming, use of pesticides, genetic manipulation. Our waters and oceans are contaminated with plastic, chemical waste and petroleum. The animals are deprived of their natural habitats and mass bred under unimaginable conditions. These are only few examples that show the lack of respect and honour of the soul.

Um der aktuellen Situation auf der Welt gerecht zu werden benötigen wir eine moderne Schamanenkunst, die den individuellen und globalen Heilungsprozess ganzheitlich begleitet. Wir Schamanen von “Hof Mondsee“ schöpfen aus der alten schamanischen Tradition, indem wir Rituale wieder in das Leben einbinden. Da das alte Wissen und die Weisheit der Schamanen größtenteils verloren gegangen sind, haben wir die Aufgabe beides neu zu entdecken und zu entwickeln. Wichtige Aspekte dabei sind die Analyse der Trauma-Geschichte und die Feststellung der Ursachen. Ein weiterer Aspekt ist die intuitive Vorgehensweise in unserer Schamanenkunst. Diese ermöglicht uns eine schamanische Weisheit zu erlangen und durch neue Erkenntnisse ständig zu erweitern.



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