Art & Culture

Ritual Dance Performances

Ritual Dance Performances started with Lotte Grohe, who has already 20 years of experience developing her own dance projects. From 2016 to 2021 performances were taking place on the shamanic farm in Krummsee, Ostholstein (Germany). Every year we focused on a specific global Topic that has been transformed in several Dance Performances. Combination of intuitive dancing, live music and live painting / film projections created unique pieces of art.
From 2022 the coming ritual dance performances are being planed. More info about it is coming soon on the website!

New- and Full moon rituals

Association "Hof Mondsee" invites you to the moon phase rituals. On new- and full moon we analyse and work on the current global topics in an artistic way.

In the evening we light up a bonfire where we all meet. Exchanging about our current dreams, feelings and experiences helps us to find out the aspects of the ritual.

Thereby it goes into the ritual. Together with the spirits of nature, emotions are being released. We follow our intuition and visions through the inner journey. Musical abilities don't play any role at it.

After the ritual we talk gladly in the circle about what we have experienced, seen and felt.

You are very welcome to bring your own instruments!

Festivals, Workshops, Exhibitions...

Since the beginning of the "Hof Mondsee" project in Malente (Germany) there have been several annual ritual festivals organised. There was the opportunity to get to know and exchange with each other, as well as take part in various rituals, games, activities, exhibitions.

The coming festivals and other art & culture events are going to take place in different locations of the association. More information about it is coming on the website!



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